O-level Economics Tuition in Singapore

Looking for O-level Economics Tuition in Singapore? I am an O-level Economics Tutor who provide Economics tuition in Singapore. On the other hand, I also provide JC Economics tuition which includes H1 Economics tuition and H2 Economics tuition.

Currently my O-level Economics tutoring services is offering in different modes which is suitable the needs for different learners. For instance, I provide secondary Economics home tuition service for those who prefer to have private tuition for their secondary school Economics. On the other hand, online O-level Economics tuition is also available for those who prefer to learn online and have a lower budget. For online Economics tuition for secondary level, it is available on either 1-to-1 basis and also small group basis.

On the other hand, I also provide other tutoring such as O-level maths tutoring in Singapore and also Singapore secondary math tutoring services. For those looking for JC tutoring services, you may look on my JC maths tutoring services.

Singapore O-level Economics Tutor

Principal O-level Economics Private Tutor
Hi! I am a full-time O-level Economicss Tutor in Singapore. Other than being an economic tutor, I am also a secondary math tutor in Singapore. Anyone who also finding math tutor in Singapore can engage me as their Singapore O-level math tutor & JC math tutor.

More about the O-level Economics tutor

Academic Qualifications

I am a full time O-level economics tutor in Singapore with PhD qualification.

1. Doctoral Degree

PhD in Management (Major in finance), UTM


  • Best Postgraduate Student Award recipient
  • Published 3 research articles on international peer reviewed journal

2. Master degree

Master in Applied Statistics, UM


  • Distinction

To date, I have published 5 research articles on application of statistics and machine learning concept in international peer reviewed journals.


Teaching Experience

As of 2020, I have accumulated 8 years of teaching experience on delivering mathematics and statistics subjects for secondary and tertiary level. To date, I have taught number of students from different backgrounds ranging from secondary school, undergraduate degree, honor degree, master student until PhD candidates.


O-level A-Math Private Tutor Singapore


Educational Training Attended

In addition, I have received teaching related training under tertiary setting and also training on supervising postgraduate research. Consequently, I am well versed of different teaching methodologies and how to guide a student to along towards a better academic achievement. This has made me to be more confident for being a competent math tutor to teach you O-level additional mathematics tuition in Singapore.

O-level A-Math Home Tutoring Singapore

Mode of Tuition

  1. Face-to-face Home Tuition
  2. Online Tutoring
  3. Blended Learning – It combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods.
Mode of O-level Math Tuition

My O-level Economics Tuition Venue?

Mode of Tuition Location

O-level Economics home tuition location

At students’ place

Online O-level Economics tuition location

Online through zoom or team

Small group O-level Economics tuition

Jurong East (3-5 mins walk from MRT station)
O-level Math Place of Tuition Singapore


Mode of Tuition Duration

O-level Economics home tuition location

Two hours/session

Online O-level Economics tuition location

Two hours/session

Small group O-level Economics tuition

Two hours/session


O-level Math Duration of Tuition Singapore

O-level Economics Tuition Charges

Below are my O-level Economics tuition charges.

One-to-one Group (3-6 students per classes)
O-level Economics home tuition Please contact me for the fees. S$380 per 4 lessons
O-level Economics online tuition S$ 70 per hour S$340 per 4 lessons
O-level Economics small group tuition Not applicable S$430 per 4 lessons (max 4 students)

Feel free to send me your enquiry for more details.

O-level Economics Home Tuition Singapore

Beside being an O-level Economics home tutor in Singapore, I also offer JC Economics Tution in Singapore. My teaching objective is to provide comprehensive guidance to nurture the grow the quantitative competence of a student.

Thus for those who were struggling with O-level Economics are encourage to look for Economics tuition teacher in order to do better for their exam.

Why private tuition for Singapore O-level economics?

  • Prefer to have personalised help to suit the learning style and needs of your child.
  • Your child learns better on 1-to-1 mode
  • You look into a student focused pace of the lessons which would all fully be according to the needs of your child.
  • Convenience, which avoid the traveling time to and from the tuition centre
O-level A-Math Private Tuition Singapore

My Singapore O-level economics Home Tuition Sessions Schedule

There are quite a number tuition slots to choose from as I am doing it as full time basis. However, this is subject to availability as whether it has been taken by a student.

Would like me to teach your child on O-Level economics?

Feel free to contact me through sms/whatsapp/telegram to schedule a phone discussion.

My Singapore O-Level economics Private Tuition Fees

My tuition rates is depend your location, which could be higher or lower depending on the distance I am traveling from, do feel free to contact me for a discussion.

Online O-level economics Tuition Classes Are Now Available

During this COVID-19 period, your safety is important to me. That’s why I also offer the options to learn O-level economics through online tuition classes. For some people, online classes may not be the equivalent to teaching face-to-face. However, online tutoring may also come with its own benefits.

Promotion for online O-level economics Tuition Charges

I am conducting promotion for online O-level Economics tuition. Below is my O-level Economics tuition fees for all the classes I conduct in August 2020 & September 2020.

Small group online O-level Economics Tuition Fees

  • S$320 for 4 lessons (usual price S$340 for 4 lessons)*

*Note: Each session (1 to 1 & Small group) is 2 hours per sessions. Subject to availability and terms and conditions.


Benefit of online Economicss tuition class

  • First and foremost, your tutor (me) already have the experience in conducting the lesson online for more than 3 years
  • The timing is similarily flexible compared to 1-to-1 lesson by face
  • Convenient, you can get help in the comfort of your home
  • No need to travel, avoid traffic jams
  • Cheaper costs while getting the similar benefit as face-to-face tutoring

Feel free to contact me if you have additional questions about the Economicss online tuition.

The features of my Online “O” level A-Economicss Tuition

  • Optimal Class Size To ensure students get the necessary attention they need to do their face-to-face tuition, all my online Economics tuition classes are kept in small size (3-6) people.
  • Focus on Understanding Similar to my face-to-face lesson, my aim is not just to teach students to do Economics questions, I teach them to understand.
  • Using the suitable teaching pedagogy I apply my own teaching skills in helping students to learn which lead to optimal retention!

O-level Economics Exam Revision Class

For those who still feel that they are weak in certain topics. They can join the my O-level Economics topical exam revision class.

O-level Economics Year End Holiday Catch-up Program 2020

For O-level students, I have designed a O-level Economics Year End Holiday Catch-up Program 2020 which aims to help them to enhance the knowledge they learnt in O-level Economics. It will be conducted in December 2020. You may read more about my O-level Economics Holiday Catch-up program.

Contact the O-level economics Tutor

If you are interested to have O-level economics Tuition class with me, please SMS/Whatsapp/Wechat me to arrange for a phone discussion.

Whatsapp Dr Loo (+65-85483705)