Mensuration (Area)

Surface Area

Shape Formula
Square Length x Width
Rectangle Length x Width
Triangle 1/2 x Base x Height
Parallelogram Base x Height
Trapezium 1/2 x (Base Length + Top Length) x Height
Circle Πr 2

r = radius

Other surface areas

Shape Formula Description
Cube 6 x Length x Width It consists of six square surfaces with same area.
Cuboid (2 x Height x Width) + (2 x Height x Base) + (2 x Base x Width) Three pairs of rectangle where each pair of triangles have same area.
Cylinder (solid) 2Πr 2 + 2Πr x height of the cyclinder
Cone (solid) Πr 2 + Πrl l is the slant height
Sphere 4Πr 2

 r = radius

Mensuration – Area (Questions)

  1. How long is the side of a cube if the surface area is 600cm2?
  2. What is the surface area of a sphere if the radius is 0.7cm?

Mensuration – Area (Answer)

  1. 10cm
  2. 6.16cm2

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